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Send me your RSS feed (blog/website) and I will submit it to top 10 RSS aggregators - plazo, millionrss, goldenfeed, etc.

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  1. $5

    migindya wants:

    Create a spreadsheet application with specific features. Ready to spend upto $50

  2. $5

    thirteenBC wants:

    facebook likes from sydney asap

  3. $5

    djdevix2 wants:

    register on free onlinegames on my website. 5 for 5$ or 10 for 10$

  4. $5

    damagecontrol wants:

    I need good senuke templates quick

  5. $5

    zack wants:

    Deliver a message to an address in Preston, Lancashire, United Kingdom. Message me for more details.

  6. $5

    vlweb3d wants:

    I am looking for someone who can write a few blog posts on my blog.

  7. $5

    dongikong5169 wants:

    facebook like

  8. $5

    dongikong5169 wants:

    add 5000 facebook like

  9. $5

    gyani539 wants:

    Need 1k Lithuanian Facebook likes Offer: $10 per 1000

  10. $5

    randyw wants:

    I am looking for someone to get me 250 facebook votes on a grant.

  11. $5

    cielheaven wants:

    selling youtube 100,000 views REAL HUMAN (comments, likes, fav, etc)

  12. $5

    azizm wants:

    make website, logo, app and market it on facebook, twitter and other places.

  13. $5

    Gatch46 wants:

    register in a website then complete any free offer in the website.

  14. $5

    WhooShaDatingcom wants:

    I am looking for someone to write blogs for me. Sample Top 3 ideas for keeping kids entertained; Top 3 ideas to helping your kids with reading; Top 3 ideas to keeping kids improve math; Top 3 ideas to helping kids stay on academic target for the summer..

  15. $5

    shirene wants:

    Female FB likes in Florida, prefer Miami. Offer: $10 per 1000.

  16. $5

    shirene wants:

    Female FB Likes, majority from USA. $5 per 1000. Up to 10,000.

  17. $5

    rpatwall1206 wants:

    Color Customize 3 themes and install custom index Login/register and Password reset page for all three themes

  18. $5

    brightonsam wants:

    customize twitter

  19. $5


    edu backlins

  20. $5

    Gerry wants:

    create a drop down menu in html, using the css style provided by me.

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